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DESCRIPTION: Five seater sofa -finish assorted upholstery : non
r e mo va b l e seat c ushi o n / n o n r e mo v a b l e b a c k c ushi o n, 2 c ushi o n
a r e i n c l u d e d .
TECHNICAL: L :144 H : 30 W : 34
Framing in HT Pinewood with 40 density foam.
12 r.ft
22mtr. fabric required.
Considering 550rs mtr fabric.
UPHOLSTERY: SEAT CUSHION COVER: Covers are not removable.
B ACK CUSHION : Covers are not removable
LOOSE CUSHIONS :Cushion cover are not included
MAINT AI N A N CE : Using a good multi-surface spray cleaner and/or a
trusted furniture polish wit h a soft cloth is recomme nded. D o not use
abrasive c l o t hs o r sub st a nc e s a n d a l wa ys r e a d t he l abel o f a n y p r o d uc t
you wish to use.


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